Sharen Jester Turney Global Advisor



New York Stock Exchange Investor Relations

Keynotes & Business Advisory Solutions

Ms. Turney is a keynote speaker and  business advisory expert. Whether you're looking to inspire the next generation of business minds or you need guidance in your own business, you can count on Ms. Turney to provide the insight you need, backed by more than three decades of experience launching and growing global brands and Fortune 500 companies.

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Speaking & Guidance

Sharen Turney gives keynote speeches at events and also does Q&A sessions to guide business minds. Key business topics with a one-on-one conversation format with the audience is a successful formula. She also speaks with other C-Level executives, and her most common topics are leadership, purpose, branding, customer experience, supply chain, technology, and philanthropy. Audiences and organizers alike are always inspired by the level of impact and engagement at the events. This is because Ms. Turney enjoys interacting with the audience and hearing their questions. She truly loves knowing how her words affect her audience, and she believes the curious minds in the audience will be the leaders of business tomorrow. These interactions are often the beginning of the major changes the world needs to undergo.

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Business Advisory Services

From a global retail and technology standpoint, Ms. Turney is an expert, and she can help drive growth and the balancing of leadership teams. Her experience has taught her to blend the art and science of branding to deliver the finest experience for the customer, no matter where they come from or what they are looking for.

Her goal with business advisory solutions is to help businesses clearly articulate their purpose, vision and drive high performance teams. Honed by more than 30 years of business experience and success, that point of view can help you increase profitability and brand awareness. Ms. Turney is an excellent, curious listener who seeks to learn about your business so she can quickly and accurately identify areas that may help to drive value.